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Polar Bear - A4 Art Print

Polar Bear - A4 Art Print

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All artworks are designed and hand-drawn by me.

Polar bears are about to reach the endangered list due to human impact on their habitat. CO2 pollution has caused the planet's temperatures to increase leading to less sea ice in the Arctic. Polar bears need ice as a platform to hunt for their main food source and without it, they will starve.

Reduce your carbon footprint, get on your bike, eat less (or better no) meat and dairy and save the polar bears!


Printed on 190gsm 100% Natural paper.

A4  — 8.27" x 11.69"  — 21.0cm x 29.7cm


Please note that:
› Frames, books, and decorations are not included
› The images are for illustration purposes only
› The print in the picture may appear bigger than in reality.


By purchasing this artwork you do not acquire its copyrights and any form of duplication or distribution is prohibited.