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Who is Styngvi?


A small icon of a dog, cow, pig and a cat


I use my artwork to spread the message of a vegan lifestyle in a positive way. It's important to stay inclusive and open-minded to people who are not yet there and welcome them with open arms. To give back to the animals I donate 10% of my earnings every year to animal and conservation efforts. 

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Not only are all the subjects in my art ethical/eco-friendly but I also try to make the process and production as ethical and eco-friendly as possible. I go out of my way to purchase carbon neutral paper for my prints, I use water-based and non-toxic ink and no plastic in the packaging of my products.

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We live on a blue planet. The ocean covers 70% of the planets surface and we must take extremely good care of it. Although it is vast and seems endless it has its limits. I use my artistic talents to raise awareness of human impact on the ocean and I donate 10% of my earnings to animal and ocean conservation efforts.

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