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Hæ, I'm Stefán! As an ethical designer and illustrator, I'm committed to creating visuals that are eye-catching conversation starters. If you want to share your values through powerful graphics, you've come to the right place.

Whether you're an agent of change, an ethical brand, or someone in need of inspiration, I'll ensure your vision comes to life.

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    I have years of experience making impactful visuals for ethical brands, NGOs, and organizations.

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    By purchasing from my shop you directly support my mission. Everything in my shop is made to order to prevent waste.

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    My monthly screensaver club brings you new artwork and daily empowerment each time you look at your phone.

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SLOW DOWN - Unisex tee

Boat and ship speeding is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. It's no longer whaling that threatens cetaceans in the ocean, but ship strikes. The North Atlantic Right Whale is at the brink of extinction because of this issue and it's not talked about nearly enough.

Here is a bold shirt design that can start that conversation for you.

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Oceanic Preservation Society Artist Feature

I will be donating 20% of my proceeds from the collection below to support the mission of OPS to raise awareness about issues such as wildlife conservation, climate change, and protecting oceans and marine life.