Hi, I'm Stefán Yngvi

I'm a full-time artist and illustrator from Iceland. In 2017 I started combining art with activism. The causes that I advocate for are all close to my heart, such as animal liberation, climate justice and human rights. With my artwork, I hope to plant seeds and create a discussion for a more sustainable lifestyle so all species can have a future on this planet.

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Ethical production

Using vegan ink and Earth friendly supplies.



Printed on recycled + carbon neutral paper


Eco packaging

100% plastic free packaging solutions


Giving back

Parts of my proceeds are donated to various causes

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My Patreon community enables me to continue creating artwork with a positive impact. With the support of my Patrons, I started The Illustraided Project where I create and donate an illustration to an NGO, voted on by my Patrons. In 2021, I created and donated 9 illustrations that raised over $10,000 for various causes.

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