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Creating designs for merchandise is something I love to do. All of my work is hand-drawn which adds a human touch to the final look. Creating illustrations with a focus on nature, sustainability and peacefulness is one of my strong points. To make sure my designs print well I digitise them and create vectors out of them so they can be scaled up and down without losing quality. If you are looking for an illustrator/artist for your brand don't hesitate to contact me with details about you and what you're looking for!

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I draw custom portraits of people and pets in my own unique style which features simple faces with flower and plant surroundings. These portraits are beautiful as presents for your loved ones or just for yourself and your pet! Want one of these? You can make a custom order below.

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Seeing my artwork tattooed on someone's body is one of the biggest honours I can get! I am happy to let people use my artwork for tattoos but please show me support and get my permission first. You can either support me on Patreon, by purchasing a print from my shop or buying a tattoo pass! If you are looking for a custom tattoo design you can also contact me via email.

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You can purchase Styngvi art in these locations below:

The logo of Whales of Iceland
The logo of Reykjavik Rost
The logo of Vistvera
The logo of Unity Diner


All of my personal work is uploaded to Instagram