Creating for a better world

As an ethical designer and artist I create empowering artwork for individuals, organizations and businesses who want to have a positive impact on the planet.

I help people visualize their passion and commitment to protect planet Earth and all life that is under threat due to human activities.

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The creative process


A briefing session where I ask a few questions, give you a quote and deliver 3-5 first rough drafts


Feedback meeting/call discussing the initial drafts. Based on your input I create more detailed sketches


Final feedback session and last sketch shared with you before I start working on the finalized deliverables


Once the invoice has been paid in full I will send you the artwork deliverables in the formats we agreed on

What can I do for you?

Logo and merch design

Your logo and merchandise designs speak volume about your brand. As an ethical designer I can help you communicate your brand visually.

custom artwork

Do you have an idea for a drawing to give to a loved one, get tattooed on your body or simply want some unique artwork on your wall? Let's talk!

packaging design

Do you run a zero waste shop or sell Earth friendly products? I would love to help you create visually appealing packaging to express your message.

Let's work together