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Stop Whaling In Iceland - Mobile Wallpaper Pack

Stop Whaling In Iceland - Mobile Wallpaper Pack

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Together we make waves!

As an independent Icelandic artist, I've poured my heart and soul into creating three illustrations for my Ocean Culture Life project, along with a super cool collaboration artwork with Björk.

20% from this product will be donated to Oceanic Preservation Society to support their mission and public awareness about protecting oceans and marine life.

By grabbing this pack, you not only rock some beautiful artwork on your phone, but you also become a part of my artivism journey. These illustrations celebrate whales and remind us to take care of our marine life and environment.

High-resolution (1080x1920px) illustrations, suitable for all mobile phones.


  • This is a digital product and it will be delivered to your email address
  • For personal use only. Do not resell or use these graphics for commercial purposes
  • Refunds are not possible
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